Jan 25, 2012

We're Published!!

We are excited to have just received our copy of Hugo Award Winning StarShipSofa's Stories, Volume 3. We were asked to participate and participate we did. See our piece below. If you're a fan of awesomeness in the form of Sci-Fi, then definitely check the book out. There's more amazing art tied into their 50s sci-fi theme.

Jan 18, 2012

Behold...the power of the Darth Star!

Hello folks!! The first post is on a blog is always crucial, huh? Our official "outing" was at the Chicago Comic Con and the response we received was pretty awesome! So awesome, in fact, that we're going back this year (so we hope to see you again). We've started to get into "let's start making cool stuff" mode, so what better way to kick it off than with a little (literally) Star Wars. I like to think of a young Darth Vader as small and mischievous versus that little blonde boy from Tatooine. Enjoy!