Jul 15, 2012

Los Luchadores Maravillosos

 Hello! Luis here - The Chicago Comic Con is fast approaching and we're scrambling to create some new pieces for the visitors this year. We'll being some old favs from last year, but people want the new. We'll be posting some other projects soon, but until then here's the latest pieces. For as long as I'll live, I'll always remember my summer vacations as a kid to Mexico where we'd visit our family. Long car rides to Acapulco without air conditioning, is something I won't soon forget, but more unforgettable were the many, many times my uncle would take us all to LUCHA LIBRE at the local arena. It was AMAZING! The flips, the characters, the toys and most of all, the masks! I had a personal collection of my favorite luchador masks (El Ultimo Dragon was numero uno!). For this personal project, I thought it'd be cool to interpret some of my favorite super heroes as luchadores. The masks are totally lo-fi and what you'd expect to see from the luchadores back then. I took the liberty and creative freedom with the names as well. I imagined my mother saying Captain America's real name Steve Rogers as Estevan Royers (her Gs aren't always there). What do you folks think of the aged paper textures? Keep? Thanks and enjoy!


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