Jan 3, 2013

An A-maze-ing Project Update!

Hello friends!

Sorry for the pun. It's almost impossible to not share bad puns around here. Don't judge.

Anyways, we're excited to have received the green light to post this project we did for the super great (I almost said a-maze-ing) folks at Marbles: The Brain Store. If you're not familiar with who they are, please do check them out. They're a store (on-line as well) that specializes in keeping you mentally healthy and growing through classic as well as new and innovative games, puzzles and activities, so we respect them right off the bat. What makes them even greater are the people. Very down to earth and very funny. More importantly, they bring their humor and wit into their own products and quality is not a close second, it seems to be their number one priority.

That's what made this project so great; they put as much work/thought/quality into their packaging as they do their product. We were asked to create the packaging for their updated version of Labyrinth. They gave us little guidelines and much freedom. Having designed packaging for national retailers, we know every penny counts, so we played it safe (but sexy) with most designs, but we also threw in a couple of pie-in-the-sky options and thankfully they went with our personal favorite! We designed a 3D maze with an actual marble on the cover of the box and allowing it to dot the "i" in Labyrinth as an extra wink. Their team of genius engineers and manufactures were able to make it come to life and the feedback has been, and I apologize in advance, A-MAZE-ING!! I believe the term "hot cakes" was used to describe how well it's doing. But we're only one small piece of the puzzle. They did an incredible job updating the game with regular, yet challenging, mazes, and in true Marbles fashion, they put their own spin on it and added a Periodic Table of Elements and map of the USA on a couple of the mazes. A nerd's dream come true. So check out a couple of the photos below and if you, or someone you know, is in need of some brain exercise, give them a visit here or find a store near you.

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